July Meeting 2014: No "Regular" Meeting: Summer Gardening Events Instead!

A short list of links and interesting events will be posted later. Please check back. Enjoy your summer.


June 2014 Meeting: Regular Meeting Thursday, June 5 at Garden Club + Special Event Saturday, June 7 at Springs Preserve

The meeting is Thursday, June 5 at the Garden Club Building on the Lorenzi Park property, 3333 W. Washington Ave., near the corner of Twin Lakes Drive. The parking lot is entered from Twin Lakes Drive. Doors open at 6:30 PM; Board Members should be present no later than 6:30 PM. The open meeting begins at 7:00 PM. (While some snacks or beverages may be supplied, if it is convenient to brings something along to share, it's always nice. If possible, plan to help set up prior to and put away after the meeting.)

It was, without a doubt, a whopper of spriing for those of us active in the shows, sale, and Mead View outing. (Resize the image and you'll more easily see my size 6 ring easily sitting on the giant blossom.) We'll recap the Spring Show and Sale as well as some of the field trips we've enjoyed this year. In addition, we'll put together some ideas for the June 7 club event at the Springs. If we have time, we may be able to look at some websites and other resources that will useful. We hope to see you all there.


May 2014 Activities: No Regular Meeting; Watch Your e-mail for Special Event(S?)

We've had wonderful activities in April. Throughout May we'll be updating the website with more information. Instead of a regular meeting, we'll have one or two special activities. Watchyour email.

The April Show and Sale was truly one of the best in years. The variety of plants on display shows we grow a bit more than "bunny ears." Photos and winners will be published when we recover from the 2nd April event. MEAD VIEW OUTING was "super cactus fragalistic experience!" Photos will appear shortly, but we want you to attend the June meeting to see them together and catch the "field trip report" from those of us that made the trip.

Thanks to all for helping to make the Spring CSSSN season fun.


April Continues to Bloom! & CSSSN is Busting with Pride and More Action!

I will post more about the best Show and Sale in several years. The people that attended, the plants that were shown, the awards that were won: oh my, I was not prepared for such success. Moving forward, Mead View tour is set for April 26, 2014. I'll be publishing information about it in a few days. I hope many of you will be able to join in and see some unique plant material.


Lots Going on in April: Next Happening is April 12 and 13 Show and Sale at Moon-Sun!


So if you want to be one of us with a garden like this JOIN IN! It's a show and a sale of the best plants you'll see in Vegas for at least 6 months!

Come one come all; You don't have to be a member to show plants and certainly everyone is welcome to buy plants at a Cactus & Succulent Show and Sale!

Plants can be entered into the show on Saturday April 12 from 6:15 AM until 10:00 AM. If drop off of plants for the show need be earlier, the staff at Moon-Sun will accept them during normal nursery hours on Thursday and Friday, April 10 and 11. We've got among if not THE BEST IN THE WEST JUDGES THIS YEAR! Entertaining and full of knowledge! Observing the judging might be lots of fun. (Anyone know ML Robinson??  maybe Jan Emming??? may other notable folk????) Come on down!

Check out this link: for more information about the show and sale at Moon Sun. We might put more up on facebook, too, so follow us along! 

Vendors Include:

Art Belly Burn...featuring Kelly McLendon,  an artist in Ceramics and Photography and Natalie Ruth Signor, carver.
Baked Earth ...creative clay creations to liven up your personal space
Signature Botanical...
Cowboy Creations ...functional and decorative art built with real horseshoes
Initially Yours...
Jan Emming - Owner and Cacti Wrangler at Destination Forever Ranch and Gardens.
Uno Cosmo... featuring sculptures from Samantha Stevens made from high-fire clays, utilizing oxidation or reduction glaze process.
Island in the Sky ...unique pottery excellent for your show winning Cacti, or just to add some beauty to the garden or home
Salt 'n' Sunset ...rare, and unique minerals, jewelery, and the beautiful queen of the night epiphyte
The Sculpture Factory ...found object sculptures, made from 100% recycled material 
Xena Foreman...
More updates may follow!