April 4, 2019 Meeting

We will meet as regularly scheduled Thursday (tomorrow) at 7PM at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center on the West side of Lorenzi Park. The address is 800 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89107.

Apologies for the tardiness of this announcement. We had some difficulty finding a speaker. We always like to try to have a formal speaker for the meetings. Some brave souls have stepped into the breach and will make a presentation for us.

Alana Sullivan will gives a brief talk on Agaves. She is a member of the Rose Garden Club and President of the Arrangers Guild.

Our President Vicki Yuen will give us a talk on Aeoniums.

We met a lot of new potential members at the Springs Preserve plant sale. Hopefully some will attend. Make them feel at home. And if we have plenty of raffle plants we should be able to hand out free plants to our visitors/new members.

As always, we should have plants and or cuttings for our world famous plant raffle, many often donated by long time member Dick Askew. He includes petrified wood or interesting rocks in his pots as well.

If you can consider bringing a refreshment, or even better a friend or three.


March 7, 2019 Meeting

We'll have our meeting this Thursday at 7PM at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center on the West side of Lorenzi Park. 800 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107.

Our speaker this Thursday will be another friend of the club, Eunice Thompson from Southern California. Her biography:

I became passionate about Cactus & Succulents over 10 years ago. Seeking knowledge of this subject I joined as many of the local clubs in Southern California as possible. I started by volunteering for many of the clubs and eventually serving as a president of the Long Beach Cactus and Succulent Society. I was delighted that I could combine my passion for travel and photography with cacti and succulents.
Currently, I am working on filming a travel documentary featuring cactus and succulents and their impact to society. I’m involved in organizing small tours to not only Baja California but other plant habitats around the world. I am a co-author of “Tea at Gordon’s”, a photobook illustrating impressions of a visit to Gordon Rowley’s Cactusville.

Her presentation topic:

Monterrey... Mexico, that is
Monterrey, the state capital of Nuevo Leon, a central state in Mexico is the jumping off point for this travelogue. While the city is a sprawling and industrious center, it is at most an hour’ s drive to some of the most diverse plant populations that we have come to now and love. Every time a new road is built in these regions, new and interesting cacti and succulent plants are discovered. In this presentation we visit plants in their native habitats and once again see how these plants thrive on neglect!

Bring along a friend, a refreshment, and a raffle plant. Dick Askew continues to provide many plants that include petrified wood most every meeting. Our plant raffels continue to be great. Keep it up.

-- Cactus & Succulent Society of Southern Nevada

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