2015 Quick Winterization Scramble!

Holidays are a busy time of year for most of us, and I think more so this year as the onset of cold weather has complicated the situation for those of us "outdoor growers." It is too late to build the small DIY cold frame/greenhouse. Once again, it's in the cold and wind...labor of love.

  • It's likely not yet cold enough to freeze irrigation lines and valves in the lower elevations.
  • While dragging plants in and covers and lights out, adding the simple protective wraps to irrigation doesn't add much to the annual chore.
  • When making the decision on what and how to protect the plant material rely on past experience, reliable friends, books, and the internet. The computer keyboard might help warm fingers while quickly searching for hardiness conditons of some of the plants.
  • Besides the temperature and wind, make sure to consider the amount of rain water that the weather can also bring.
  • Hiding things under a large low eave is fairly effective especially with the addition of straw or leaves or other mulch covering the plant, but make DOUBLY sure that water off the eave falls and drains away from the plants.

When exhausted from the weatherization, know that protection has been offered, nature will take its course, losses over the winter offer a new gardening opportunity in the spring!