Agave salmiana var. ferox

Susan Kent, April 2013

This is a large (more than 3' by 3') plant that has green shiny out curving leaves with strong, mean margins. If one wanted to start a farm or landscape an entire HOA with agave, this could be the one to have. It pups, or offsets, heavily.  The new "suckers" propagate readily. Interestingly, this agave does best in rich soil with good irrigation and drainage. Left on its own, the Las Vegas nasty soil, dry hot summer and a winter day now and then below 25 would just about cause failure. Properly cultivated in a landscape it can become gigantic. The plant has been used for many things from thatched roofs, fence posts, making thread fibers, livestock fodder, and producing liquor and medicinal poultices! (Most likely origin Oaxaca)