Aloe humilis and Aloe Hybrid Blue Elf

Susan Kent, March 2013

Both of these Aloes are soft leaved even though they have toothed margins. Both are clumping and are blue-green in color. The Blue Elf is a bit more upright than humilis. Both tolerate cold better than many other Aloes (Blue Elf down to 20 degres F.) Still, a bit of winter shelter will provie a prettier specimen. Both have bright orange flowers.  When alloed to clump (why would you want a single?) each plant sends out bright coral flower spikes up to 12" tall. A single one gallon container, if fully clumped to the edge, will be loaded with these flower spikes. The plants are great in mass in a sheltered corner or patio container. (The humilis is native to South Africa; from which, it is thought that Blue Elf was hybridized.)