The Euphorbia platyclada is one of the more than 2000 species in the genus Euphorbia, family Euphorbiaceae. If you know what this looks like, you might like it. If this is an unfamiliar plant, click on  this link to see many pictures of Euphorbia platyclada. Then decide if it is ugly.

Most people agree: This plant has weird foliage. The foliage is flat, narrow, and segmented. Except for the color, the shape might remind you of an ugly, starving, withering, burned Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus). Propagation is usually from cuttings, but will grow from seed (IF you see it bloom, and it produces visible seeds). Like all Euphorbia, the white sap is poisonous and this should not be taken lightly or forgotten. It can cause a skin rash; it could cause at least temporary, partial blindness; it is not edible! Nathan Waldo wrote The Cactus Club Killings. New York: Dell, 1999. Print. It is a fun quick read. Is Euphorbia involved?

Euphorbia platyclada is native to the southwest portion of Madagascar, the sorely plant savaged island off the east coast of Africa. The average wet season high is just over 80oF (December), while the average dry season low is about 45oF (July). So when transported to Las Vegas, it is not in a comfort zone. Place it in container with well drained soil. Give it some water, but keep it on the dry side (not totally dehydrated), and when you see a growth spurt (maybe in the winter), give it a bit more water. Remember, for lack of the correct botanical term, this plant is going through hemispheric dyslexia. Use your eyes and hold back on the water unless it is actively growing.

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