Haworthia turgida

Susan Kent, February 2013


This pale green Haworthia forms compact rosettes only 2 to 3 inches in diameter. It freely offsets in the right conditions. If allowed to become root bound in well draining soil and filtered light it will"fill" the container. Its fancy light green longitudinal lines in the glassy green leaf help create a very pretty picture. The slightly flattened leaf top is a good example of why some people refer to Haworthia as "window pane plants." It seems as if one can see into the interior of the plant from the top of the leaf that protects the plant from the elements, but allows light in for growth. This is a window sill specimen at least in the winter and can't take our full direct sun in the summer. It is generally a fall to winter producer of small white tubular flowers along a raceme. (South Africa Cape Province)