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October 2017 General Meeting

Ted Nelson, a newish member, will be our presenter on October 5, 2017.  His topic will be "Agaves in your Southern Nevada Garden". This presentation provides general information about agaves as well asa list of agaves Ted has found to be cold hardy in Southern Nevada.

Ted  Nelson is  a retired  software engineer  from Silicon  Valley. He first became  interested in  cactus and  succulents when  he was  at a co-worker's  apartment and  noticed that  he was  preparing to  make a cactus dish garden.

Besides attending to  his cactus and succulent  collection, Ted enjoys hiking in  the desert,  collecting rocks, and  taking pictures  of the desert.

Our meeting will take place Thursday at 7PM at the Nevada State Garden Clubs Center at Lorenzi Park, 800 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89107.  Consider  bringing along  a  friend, a  refreshment,  and a raffle  plant or two. We should  have a ceramic pot  or two for the raffle.


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