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April 22, 2017 Field trip: Meadview

Stephanie Thomas, CSSSN vice president, will be leading a field trip out to the Meadview, AZ area this Saturday, April 22.  It is part of the Eastern most extent of Joshua tree habitat that is being threatened by large food crop developers. The "red barrels," and Joshua Trees abound as well as many other species.There should be a good flower bloom as well. The walking area, while mostly flat to gently rolling does not have to be "cliff hanging."
People should meet at the Fiesta Hotel and Casio parking lot between 7:30-7:45 AM and carpool as much as possible to Meadview.
Please contact Stephanie Thomas <ravenspirit360@gmail.com> before hand so she knows how many people plan to make the trip.  She can also fill in details or answer questions you may have.
Susan Kent ​ won't be attending, but hope some of you will. Admiring and preserving this area for the future is important...as you will see.​ I (Susan Kent) went there a few years ago in pretty horrible weather conditions AND HAD A SUPER BLAST! It's an ok place for supervised children.

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