January 3, 2019 Meeting

Happy new year! We are getting at least a short cold spell in the East Mojave. Be sure to protect your cold sensitive plants!

We'll have our meeting this Thursday at 7PM at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center on the West side of Lorenzi Park. 800 Twin Lakes Drive.

Our new president Vicki Yuen will be at the helm though hopefully will still bring her CSSSN famous brownies for refreshments. Our speaker to start the new year will be our friend from the off the grid Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens in Arizona, Jan Emming. His presentation will be a travelogue of cactus and succulent flora, wildlife, and nonsucculent flora in a similar vein to his South African program that he did for us few months ago. Check out his web site at:

Consider bringing along a friend, a refreshment, and a raffle plant. Dick Askew has been providing many plants most every meeting in 2018. Our plant raffels in 2018 were great. Keep it up. Hopefully Jan will bring some plants from the ranch for sale.

We were "featured" in last week's Las Vegas Weekly. I guess the weekly felt they needed to feature some other plants than cannabis sativa. So we may expect a few new attendees. We had a very good event at the Springs preserve in October where more potential members were met. Make them feel at home.

I apologize for not getting a program or event for November and December for you, but I had run out of gas for a variety of reasons. Our October dual speaker debacle worked out OK but was a little embarrassing. Our speakers adapted and gave great presentations. Both the October speakers will have books out in the coming year so we may see them again only not simultaneously.



October 4, 2018 Meeting

We will meet Thursday October 4, 2018 at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center at 7PM. The Center is located at 800 Twin Lakes Drive, 89107.

Our speaker is Ron Parker from Tucson, AZ. Ron has not spoken to the Cactus and Succulent Society of Southern Nevada before. Ron Parker is an outdoorsman, xeric plant enthusiast, and amateur botanist who spends half his time gardening and the other half exploring habitat across Arizona and neighboring states, primarily chasing agaves and archaeological sites. He has been studying agave populations in Arizona for many years, and been out in the field with renowned botanists and regional archaeologists. When not under the open sky, Ron maintains the well-known xeric plant discussion forum,, an impressive online repository for information on agaves and other succulent plants.

Ron has an upcoming book that is unfortunately not yet published called Chasing Centuries.

His presentation for us will be Agaves of Arizona. From Ron:

I’ll discuss 17 species, including five pre-Columbian cultivars associated with ancient Hohokam, Sinagua and Salado Native Americans.

Agaves are succulent New World monocots, comprising more than 200 species with an epicenter in Mexico. They also extend into Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the US, occupying habitats in FL, TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, and CA, with the number of taxa in AZ exceeding the other states combined. There are currently 21 recognized taxa in Arizona, most natural, but some of apparent anthropogenic origin. There are also many Agaves that don’t fit neatly under these taxonomic constraints. Some are intermediate, others may be compromised by feral pre-Columbian cultivars, still others are indeterminate for reason or reasons as yet undiscovered. We are regularly confronted by these types of mysteries as we continue to explore, and wouldn’t have it any other way, but that is a subject for another time. For now, let’s stick to the species we know.

I have been out in Arizona habitat locating and studying these wonderful plants as a near full time vocational exercise for several years, and suspect I know them about as well as anybody at this point. I have at times been accompanied in habitat by renowned botanists and archeologists, who have provided considerable assistance toward an ever expanding knowledge base. My intent here is to provide a brief catalog of these plants.

Bring a friend, a refreshment, a raffle plant, and questions.

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