September 6, 2018 Meeting

We will meet Thursday September 6, 2018 at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center at 7PM. The Center is located at 800 Twin Lakes Drive, 89107.

Our speaker is:

Brandi Eide of the Springs Preserve

Brandi Eide is the Springs Preserve Botanical Garden Supervisor, overseeing the science and gardens team in caring for the 180 acre cultural institution with a dynamic and historic past and a focus on sustainable living, environmental awareness and water-smart landscaping. Before joining the Springs Preserve team, Brandi worked at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, the University of California Botanical Garden in Berkeley, and managed an Ace Hardware store. She has been an instructor at the Desert Landscaping School in Phoenix, instructed Xeriscape- Site Planning and Water Use for the Sustainable Building Advisor Program (Sonoran Chapter), and is a Certified Water Harvesting Design Practitioner with Watershed Management Group. Brandi is passionate about pollinators, conservation, succulents and medicinal and edible plants.

Brandi will speak on growing Cactus and Succulents in the Mojave, give a Springs Preserve update and reminder of the Springs Preserve Fall plant sale on September 15, 2018.

Bring a friend, a refreshment, a raffle plant, and good questions.

Check it out our Calendar. We have a couple speakers left this year who've never given presentations to CSSSN before.


August 2, 2018 General meeting

Cactus and Succulent Society of Southern Nevada Aug 2. Meeting!

Jan Emming will be the speaker this coming Thursday evening. His topic: "South African Biodiversity. Last year Jan gave an informative talk on land use in Arizona along with the evident destruction of ancient Joshua Tree forests for the purpose of creating ground water based alf alfa farms in the Meadeview area. Perhaps we'll get a brief update this Thursday.

Jan is a walking desert encyclopedia. He is definitely a "person of cactus" as well as a dedicated environmentalist, and the owner builder of an "off the grid" home and garden at the edge of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts in Arizona.

This intro is from the Tuscon Cactus and Succulent Society in which Jan is a member.

In September 2016, Jan Emming joined five other members of the TCSS to make a several-week-long trip to the marvelous nation of South Africa. The excursion was specifically designed to take in many of the natural features of this very diverse country. While succulent plants were definitely a part of the itinerary there was much time spent on nonsucculent botanical features, as well as the various big game and smaller animals that South Africa is justifiably famous for. From elephants to elephant food trees (Portulacaria afra), penguins to cycads, and thornbush to fynbos, Jan's program will highlight some of the country's best natural features.

A note on the program itself: we did see numerous succulents, but we spent a greater share of our time in regions that are better known for nonsucculent plant species and big game animals, so the program will reflect this. I believe that many TCSS members have seen great programs that focused almost entirely upon the most succulent-rich habitats of the Western and Northern Cape Provinces, most notably the Karoo, Richtersveld, Namaqualand, etc, which were not actually regions we visited. We did spend two days in the Little Karoo and items we saw there will be reflected, but the program has lots of photos of animals, intriguing nonsucculent plants, and less-seen succulents in the north and east of the country. I am pleased with the numerous good photos I aptured and I think that the TCSS membership will be as well.

Jan Emming is the creator and operator of Destination:Forever Ranch and Gardens near Yucca Arizona, and Desert Sense Nursery which sells plants from the same location. He moved to D:F Ranch 19 years ago to build an off-grid lifestyle and large private botanical collection focused primarily upon cacti and succulents. He enjoys writing, photography, and travel to the world's hotspots of succulent plant diversity, including South Africa, the subject of this month's presentation.

Our meeting will take place Thursday at 7PM at the Nevada State Garden Clubs Center at Lorenzi Park, 800 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Consider bringing along a friend, a refreshment, and a raffle plant or two, or even plant inspired art work. We have recently had some great raffles including dozens of plants, pots, and pictures. So if you like nearly free plants, please come along.

Check it out our Calendar We have a couple speakers left this year who've never given presentations to CSSSN before.