July 5, 2018 General meeting

Yes, we're going to meet the day after the 4th of July at 7PM at the Nevada Garden Clubs Center at 800 Twin Lakes Drive on the West of Lorenzi Park because we have speakers lined up. In this case, UNLV biologists will be giving a talk and signing their newly release tome on the Mojave Desert. Many of us have been out a lot on the back roads and trails of the Mojave. These guys have been out there as professional biologists for decades so bring your questions.

Here are some notes from the University of Arizona Press regarding their book. Please be sure to bring some cash as you'll want to pick up this book. We'll have our plant raffle as well. Bring a friend and a refreshment.

"A Natural History of the Mojave Desert explores how a combination of complex geology, varied geography, and changing climate has given rise to intriguing flora and fauna -- including almost 3,000 plant species and about 380 terrestrial vertebrate animal species. Of these, one quarter of the plants and one sixth of the animals are endemic.

The authors, who, combined, have spent more than six decades living in and observing the Mojave Desert, offer a scientifically insightful and personally observed understanding of the desert. They invite readers to understand how the Mojave Desert looks, sounds, feels, tastes, and smells. They prompt us to understand how humans have lived in this desert where scant vegetation and water have challenged humans, past and present.

Lawrence R. Walker is a professor of plant ecology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is the (co)author or (co)editor of nine previous books, including The Biology of Disturbed Habitats. Frederick H. Landau is a research associate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Walker and Landau have twenty-five years of scientific collaboration that includes projects in Nevada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. They both enjoy hiking and back-road adventures throughout the Mojave Desert."


June 7, 2018 General Meeting

Long time member and friend of the society Paula Jacoby-Garrett and collaborator Sharon K. Schafer will be our presenters.  The title of their presentation:

Two Deserts - One Sky

Sharing Our Passion of Deserts with Students

For the last two years, sixth-grade students from the Las Vegas area have been involved in a unique shared experience called Two Deserts – One Sky. This innovative collaboration between Shri Jasnath Asan, an ashram in northwestern India, and environmental educators in southern Nevada, U.S.A. was implemented in fall of 2016. The goal was to connect students, ages 8-12, in the Mojave Desert of southern Nevada with their peers in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan in an effort to promote global environmental education through fine art, photography, and science.

With both groups of students, Nevada artist and wildlife biologist, Sharon K. Schafer helped students experience project-based-learning on a global scale and gain an understanding of, not just the issues being faced in their community, but also of similar issues and concerns around the world. Students on both continents documented the natural history of their desert environments with photographs. The project is committed to arid land environmental education and dedicated to fostering an understanding between cultures of our shared responsibilities to our fragile planet and to one another.

Our meeting will take place Thursday at 7PM at the 

Nevada State Garden Clubs Center at Lorenzi Park, 800 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89107.  Consider  bringing along  a  friend, a  refreshment,  and a raffle  plant or two. We have recently had some great raffles including dozens of plants.  So if you like nearly free plants, please come along.

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