CSSSN Sept. 1 Meeting: Speaker: Stephenie Thomas: A Local's Desert and Cactus Adventures

The meeting is Thursday, Sept. 1, at the Garden Club Building on the west end of the revitalized Lorenzi Park property. The address is 800 Twin Lakes Drive, at the corner of Twin Lakes Drive and Washington. Enter the parking lot from Twin Lakes Drive. Doors open to the public at 6:30 PM; (Board Members and Committee Chairs should be present at least by 6:00 PM). The open meeting begins at 7:00 PM. SPEAKER WILL TAKE THE MIC NO LATER THAN 7:10 PM. 

Prior to the program, some business items including candidates for officers in 2017 will ensue. Then, this segment of our Education Series focuses on Stephenie's view of "Outdoor Nevada" and "cactus show trooping." 

The Speaker and Topic: Stephenie Thomas "Local Desert and Cactus Adventures"

While she and a few of her friends and family have not been able to explore the desert as often as in years past, they've still amassed some interesting photos. Perhaps we'll see Cold Creek, Kyle Canyon, and areas around Lake Mead. Stephenie travelled to some of the major out of state cactus and succulent shows and sales as well. A few photos from those excursions will likely make the big screen, too. I'm sure she's full of comments to accompany all of this. Expect to see Cold Creek, Kyle Canyon, Lake Mead, the Huntington, or LA Arboretum.



Outings, Trips, Gatherings and Projects

August 31 at 1:00 PM: NGCI Affiliate President's meeting and ROSE GARDEN CLEAN-UP (volunteers from all clubs sought)

October 8: NGCI Fall Conference (all CSSSN members invited) registration required; check your email.

  October 15 & 16: Moon-Sun Cactus & Koi Sale. Show? Sale volunteers needed.


October 29 & 30: NGCI Fall Show. The standard flower show is the mainstay of this event. A new trial UNJUDGED class will be photographs. Plants must be the dominant feature. Prints must by 5" x &' with a black 8" x 10" mat. There will be a People's Choice award. The usual entry card for all NGCI entries must accompany the photo. They will be clipped to netting of some sort for display.

NGCI Youth Program needs volunteers and donations. Contact Aleta via email at

More native or near native plants need to be propagated. Contact Stephenie for "how to lessons."

FALL EDUCATIONAL SPEAKER SERIES CONTINUES: October's program will feature Tom Glavich and his publication through CSSA..."Beginners Guide to....." November we'll see Eunice Thompson again. December will be an informal Pot Luck, but a puzzle or so and a photo show of lots of many things many of you have not seen will cycle throughout the evening. The VP(s) are responsible for programs. They are feverishly attempting to quickly book all of 2017. Follow the programs monthly and watch the website for updated topic relevant material. Please let us know what you want to learn!



RAFFLE and PLANT OF THE MONTH: The September plant of the month mirrors the April Plant(s) of the Month featuring several low water use native plants of our local desert(s). Put a little color in the landscape and give the birds and bees and moths something good to feast upon. Buy a handful of tickets and have fun growing your collection and using your outdoor space. (Contributions to this raffle from a couple of the officers, Victor Lindsey, and Moon Sun.)

2015-2016 Officers: Susan Kent, President; Stephanie Thomas, Vice President; Dick Askew, Treasurer; Vicki Yuen, Secretary. At large board members Pete Duncombe, Jay Nietling, Phil Lawton and Thomas Bohannon. Committee Chairs: Joe Murphy and Talise Thomas, Welcoming and Technology. WE SEEK OTHERS! Volunteers for various activities still needed.




It seems many people are still on summer vacation. Following suit, there will be no CSSSN Board Meeting and no general meeting, BUT your Vice President (Stephenie Thomas) has indicated that she may plan a "meet-up" on premises probably other than the normal garden club building at the Lorenzi Park facility. It isn't certain what she has up her sleeve or when she will make that announcement or invitation. Watch Facebook and email for information. Unless something gets worse, I should see you all in September. A "meet-up" could be fun and can include people that simply have some common interests or curiosities about "CACTUS HEADS." This could be a breath of fresh air.