December Meeting: Thursday Dec. 3, 6PM - Garden Club Building Lorenzi Park

The last meeting of the year is a traditional "pot luck" holiday social.  Past President, Phil Lawton, is chairing the event.  He promises a slide show, maybe music, a quiz or contest ("Name That Plant" duel between Stephenie, Donnie, Joey, and Victor?  That could be a real contest, but this time, Phil will involve everyone.)  There is also a planned gift exchange with "swap options."  Participation in the gift swap is optional, but the more that play, the more fun that's had.   Nancy, the Treasurer, is assisting Phil with the effort.  If she has not already contacted you, she will shortly.  Members attend this meeting without charge, just bring whatever you and Nancy agree upon.  This is a plain old fashioned fun club meeting.


November Meeting: Thursday Nov. 5 7PM Garden Club Building Lorenzi Park

Program:  "Plant Photography 101" Important business:  Election of Officers

If you have an interest in photographing your landscape, favorite blossom or plant, you are invited to attend the Cactus and Succulent Society of Southern Nevada's November 5 meeting, 7PM at the Garden Club Building at Lorenzi Park (enter off Twin Lakes). Our guest speaker is Rick Holmes.  Rick is a long time member of our club, an avid hiker, and noted local photographer.  His many landscape, plant, and abstract prints are a tribute to his accomplishments.  He's agreed to deliver "Plant Photography 101" to help us all improve our skills.  Whether we are trying to capture the beauty of our own favorite plant and landscape, or to document troubled plants and insect infestations, the photographic tips given to us by Rick will be worth our time.   Come learn how to better document your favorite garden subjects.  (Yes, you may bring your camera if you have questions about it.  He will address as many questions as we can fit into our meeting time.) 

There are two other important pieces of business to conduct at this meeting:  1st we will elect an entire new slate of officers at this meeting.  Help determine who will lead and serve the club.  2nd, we will decide the agenda for the end of year December meeting. 

I hope to see you all there.  Susan Kent