Cactus & Succulent Sales This Fall (2009)

There's a short "journal" listed at the top of the website about Shows & Sales.  At the moment, it contains info about a sale we're going to have at the Cashman Center (indoors) in conjunction with the 13th Annual Las Vegas Home and Super Outdoor Show.  This is an absolute first for at least a recent garden club.  We're a little different . . .not your ordinary pansies and petunias.  (Albeit these babies of Mother Nature have their place, too.)  Please check the "sales entries" often.  New information about the vendors will be posted daily.  We'll also start advertising the presence we're going to have at the College of Southern Nevada and Plant World in October!  We hope to provide lots of informative talks, plant material, and appropriate pots, too.  Hanging out with cactus club members can be loads of fun . . . we have dirty jeans, but clean hearts!  Read us often, and come join in the fun of desert gardening.  Thanks, Susan K.

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