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December 2013: We're Changing Things Up! No Regular Meeting. Watch your email!

Watch your email for additional December information.

We'll be back to regular meetings in January! We hope your Thanksgiving and Hanukka observances were just the way you intended them to be! If we don't see each other before our January meeting, please know that everyone on the Board wishes you the best during the holidays up and coming.

Get your frost covers and warm devices and garages ready for cold weather! Here are a few hints:

  • The November rain may mean that some plants are in danger of rotting or cracking. Watch them closely, you may be able to save them.
  • All of our plants can be scarred if we have sleet. Gentle snow will likely not hurt the cold hardy plants. Burlap can protect from the frost and sleet. The special "frost cloth" available on line or at some nurseries is very helpful. Make sure that the fabric allows moisture to enter as well as escape from the plant. DON'T USE PLASTIC. DON'T USE HEAVY FABRIC THAT WILL HOLD MOISTURE UNLESS YOU REMOVE IT DAILY.
  • Make certain your automatic irrigation system is set correctly. (To some people this means completely OFF. Just don't forget to turn it back on!) 
  • If you use holiday type lights to generate heat, don't switch to LED, as they generate very little warmth. 
  • DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH PLANTS YOU INTEND TO SHOW! Bring them inside for shelter. If you have too many, select the best or most unusual and put them inside and add flourescent lighting if possible. Many of the E3 (super energy efficient) windows are great energy savers, but often don't provide enough direct light to promote even growth and/or blooms and in nearly all cases etiolation can occur. If plants are to remain indoors for more than a few weeks, they should be turned. Placement on plastic "Lazy Susan's" or carts that can be rolled around and rotated helps. The rolling cart option allows plants to be more easily wheeled outside on warm winter days. This helps the plant and can save your back!
  • SPECIAL ALOE NOTES: Many are starting to bloom already. The hummingbirds in our backyard sanctuaries enjoy and need this nectar. Do try to protect them from freezing. Don't overwater, but remember this is their gowing season! If you have not already given them a little fertilizer to push blooms, do it RIGHT NOW.



October Meeting: Thursday October 1, 7PM Garden Club Building Lorenzi Park

If you have an interest in Agave, Aloe, and plants of Peru, you are invited to attend the Cactus and Succulent Society of Southern Nevada's October 1 meeting, 7PM at the Garden Club Building at Lorenzi Park (enter off Twin Lakes). Our guest speaker from California is Kelly Griffin. Kelly is an outstanding hybridizer of Agave and Aloe. This talk should be a good one! We already use plants from Peru in our landscapes. Kelly uses plants from all over the world and develops new ones appropriate for a variety of climates. If you can't make the Thursday night meeting, Kelly will be at Plant World with others of CSSSN on Saturday, October 3 (best time to visit is probably 10AM to 3PM). I hope to see many of you there. Happy growing, Susan Kent